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Women’s cycling (written by 4 men in a shop!!!)

Here at Senacre Cycles we thought we would take a look at the changing face of women’s cycling. Main stream media still likes to talk about the lack of women cycling today, “about 50% fewer women than men cycle twice a week or more” says the BBC. However, what they fail to highlight is how quickly this is changing!

We have seen this change to be very evident at Senacre Cycles of recent times and the statistics certainly support this, according to Liv (Liv women’s bikes are the women specific category in the Giant bike range) women’s bikes accounted for 40 percent of the overall sales of both Giant and Liv bikes.

Liv womens bikes

British Cycling

In the UK one of the reasons for this increase could be down to the British Cycling initiative called “Breeze” which was started back in 2011, this was set up to encourage women to get into cycling and their aim is to encourage 1 million women to get on their bikes by 2020. Here in the shop we hear more and more women singing the praises of these local Breeze rides.

Liv Women’s bikes

With the Women’s Specific bike market growing so much let’s explain why women need different bikes to men, and this isn’t just because they want different colours (funny enough we find men far more particular in this area), it’s basically down to anatomy. Even in this world of equality we cannot get around the fact that women tend to have a shorter torso and longer legs. So in brief looking at the geometry of the torso to leg length ratio is key, this can cause over a 7% difference in body angle for a women whilst on a bike.

The bike fit

Obviously, bikes can be adjusted to fit their rider but having the correct frame is an essential start to this process. Working with Liv and their great range gives us the best start to be able to fit you to your perfect bike.

We here at Senacre feel that we are lucky to be working with a such an amazing women’s brand such as Liv who have been ground-breaking in this market place as the first cycling brand completely dedicated to women.

Long  this progress and please feel free to come and chat more about all your cycling needs (men also welcome!)

Has this blog been helpful and informative? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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