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Winterise your bike

The more we write about the winter the more the sun shines!!! (and long may it continue). So this week we are talking about preparing your bike for the winter and the key points you need to concentrate on.  

Tyre type?

In poor conditions one of the most important items on your bike are the tyres (apart from lights and high viz clothing that we have previous blogged about). Good tyres will literally “keep you on the road”! As you may have seen from our previous Facebook post we are big favourites on the tubeless tyre. New for us this year are the Pirelli Cinturato tubeless ready tyre. These have everything a good winter tyre needs, great protection from all the rubbish that gets washed on to the roads along with super grip in wet wintry conditions. Prices range from £40 – £50 (size depending).                  

Mudguards are a MUST!!

If you don’t want your fellow riders ending up with “mud on their face” like this lady then you must fit mudguards for the winter. Essential for group rides we stock the Race Blade’s from £50, the Pro for 23 – 25c wheels and the Pro XL for 25 – 35c. So set a good example (as Paul and Tom are below) and get some mudguards from us today!!      

Lubrication (not coffee or beer!!)

Lubricating your chain regularly is important, wet lubes can be used in all weather conditions but really comes in to it’s own when riding in autumn and winter as it’s water resistant and won’t get washed off riding through puddles or in a rainstorm. In dry, spring and summer conditions you’ll want to use a lighter lubricant, normally a wax-based ‘dry’ lube. Dry lubes are much cleaner to use and attract less dirt build-up even with repeated application. This makes them much better in dry or dusty conditions, especially off-road or on gravel tracks.

We have all just finished our own winter bike set up’s so please come in and let us bore you with the detail (or help hopefully) Also, we have been blogging for a few months now and would like to hear your thoughts, comments or any topics you would like us to cover. And please share this if you can as we are trying to reach as many people as possible. If you don’t like the cold catch next weeks blog which s on the controversial subject “Indoor Cycling!!!”


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