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Variety is the spice of life!!

We feel very lucky to have such a wide range in our customer base which enables us to work on so many different styles of bikes. From a child’s very first balance bike right up to the pair of very lovely Kinesis Titanium bikes that just happen to be together in our stand today!! (one pictured below, the other one is still under wraps until the customer sees it)

As mentioned in last weeks blog it is very exciting working on these custom builds but we also get just as much satisfaction dealing with all the other styles and ranges that we sell. We thrive on the passion of the cyclist not just the price of the bike. And we understand that everyone has different needs, one persons “top end bike” is another persons “winter run around”.

The choice of styles over recent years has also increased, it’s not just between road bike or mountain bike anymore.  You also have Cyclo-cross, Gravel/Adventure, Touring, TT and on and on!! With the blurring of the lines between these styles you have never had so much choice. This means you can really get something that works exactly for what you need it to. (too much choice, don’t worry we can help you)

Christmas is coming!

With Christmas just around the corner we are seeing lots of parents buying kids bikes at the moment. And for us, helping the younger generation fall in love with cycling is away’s great. We’ve already written about kids bikes in a previous blog  so read it here if you missed it.

Both the Giant ARX range and the Python Elite range are flying out the door but we will keep these in stock and available to reserve right up to Christmas Eve.

Stocking filler, Week 1 of Christmas countdown!!

Need some present ideas for the cyclist in your life? How about the Giant Surelock Flex Combo cable lock, the light weight minimalist lock ideal for those quick stops!!


Yes, kids bikes have gone up in price, but they are so much better than they used to be and still cheaper than a Playstation!!!!


Ride safely!!

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