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Turbo charge your training!

So as promised this week we are talking about the world of indoor training. Some people sweat by it (I mean swear by it) and some people hate it. If you look at the pro’s and con’s below then you may be able to work out our preference!!

Pro’s – Avoid bad weather and icy rides, no traffic to contend with, time effective (squeeze it into a lunch hour), easier to do on dark winter nights, new tech making it more sociable than ever before.

Con’s – Nothing beats the enjoyment of the open road (apart from the weather) Enough said!!

Also, it’s great if you have had an injury which would stop you riding on the open road, look at pro rider Matt Hayman who won Paris-Roubaix just five weeks after breaking his arm!! (climbing the ladder to success!!)

Types of trainers

Magnetic – These trainers use the force of a magnetic field. Your bike’s back wheel sits against the roller, and the resistance in the attached magnetic unit creates turning resistance on the back wheel. Around £130 and good for someones first foray into turbo training. Giant Cyclotron Mag Trainer. 

Fluid resistance – Another resistance option is fluid. Fluid trainers are said to offer the smoothest pedalling sensation as the resistance builds progressively without slip. It is also the quietest method of resistance making this the ideal trainer for those who want to do it on the quiet!! From around £200, quieter and more realistic than Magnetic. Giant Cyclotron Fluid Trainer

Smart Trainers – These are computer controlled trainers with resistance from an electromagnetic force. They have the ability to wirelessly connect to smartphones via Bluetooth technology and offer a variety of unique training experiences as a result! This includes being able to use training apps like Zwift, Trainerroad and Sufferfest to record rides and ride remotely with others all around the world. From around £500 and ideal for someone who wants to quantify training, very data driven and with a more interactive feel.

Direct Drive – The latest development in turbo technology is the Direct Drive system. You remove the rear wheel, and sit the rear drop-outs of the bike onto the turbo trainer. The system requires you to fit a cassette to the turbo, but it means that you don’t need to worry about wearing out your good tyres, or swapping wheels to one with a “turbo specific” tyre on. Also, this makes it even quieter than the fluid trainers with more accurate power measurements. From around £700 with the most realistic feel and suitable for high intensity workouts. Wahoo Kickr range

As a Wahoo dealer we see this as the most forward thinking company in the indoor trainer market!


So once you have your turbo trainer all you need to do is choose the accessories!! There are loads to choose from, starting with a non slip mat to go underneath the bike right up to fans that replicate wind in your face and keep you cool. How about a very fancy climbing simulator which raises the front of the bike as if you are going uphill!!

However, as bike mechanics one of our favourites is the sweat blocker, as we are the ones that have to scrape all the salt deposits out of your head tubes after “turbo season”!!

As always, thanks for reading we hope it was helpful and please let us know your thoughts.

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