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The “bonk”ing heatwave!!

Bonking on a bike, it isn’t as good as it sounds! For those of you who haven’t heard the term let us explain more. Commonly known in the running world as “hitting the wall” this is essentially when you haven’t taken in enough carbohydrates and you have exhausted your body’s glycogen stores which leaves you with a blood glucose level which is unusually low. This can leave you feeling dizzy, shaking, sweating and strangely enough wanting food, food and more food!! This is obviously very dangerous for cyclist and even more prevalent in this current hot weather.



Long rides……..

Bonking will occur on longer rides if you aren’t eating and drinking properly, with events like the Prudential Ride 100  and Paul’s charity London to Paris coming up we have many customers coming in to ask what they should be doing.

Firstly, eating a good breakfast a couple of hours before you start, generally porridge or omelettes work well. Then making sure you are steady consuming food and fluid regularly. We would even recommend setting alarms on your bike computers for 15-30 minute intervals. Make sure you break your ride down in to hour segments and always take an extra hours worth of nutrition with you.

Our golden rules

We would recommend around 50g of carbohydrate per hour aswell as essential electrolytes instead of just drinking water. Some of our favourite brands are SIS and Cliff Bars. SIS being especially liked by our customers being a British brand and used by Team Sky.

For example, the SIS electrolytes (fluid) contains 36g of carbohydrate per serving and the SIS Energy Bar (Go) and gels contain around 20-25g. Remember to always train with the product you intend to use for the big day to avoid any nasty surprises!!

BOGOF (in a nice way)

We currently have a buy one get one free offer on our SIS GO Energy Bars so why not pop in help us plan your nutrition and pick up a bargain along the way.

As always, please head to our blog page to catch up on any you have missed.

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