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Safety First – Always wear protection!

Following on from our blog last week about disability here is a nice picture of Richard with the adapted crank system we fitted. Now Richard is perfectly demonstrating our subject point this week – Safety!! High viz and wearing a helmet, well done Richard!!!

Put a lid on it

This week a good friend and cycling companion of mine had a very nasty crash, colliding with a parked van! He does have some fairly serious injuries, however, wearing a helmet undoubtedly saved his life!! Now there has always been a big debate about the effectiveness of helmets and I am in no way saying that wearing one should be made law, in fact we are a bit divided in the shop on that point.

Paul believes this should be made law and that it wouldn’t stop people cycling (that is my concern) and Tom’s words of wisdom are “if you don’t wear a helmet there is probably nothing in there worth protecting”!!! But we are all agreed that surely wearing one can only help not hinder – so why not!!

The picture of my friends helmet clearly shows how the helmet took all the energy out of the impact, surely this would have been his skull split in two instead of the helmet!

Bike helmet

Which helmet?

With so many different types of helmet to choose it can be a little confusing which is best. This depends very much on what type of cycling you do, from the super light road bike helmets to lower backed mountain bike helmets. We have a saying that we like to stick to when it comes to helmets “Light – Strong – Cheap, pick two”!!

Also, helmets fitted with a MIPS liner are becoming more popular. MIPS (stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a thin piece of plastic between the outer shell and the inner padding of your helmet which is designed in the event of a crash to allow your cranium to move and pivot slightly as your helmet hits the ground, reducing the impact of your brain against the inside of your skull.

We can guide you through all of the above to help you make the right choice, we stock Kask, Giant and Funkier amongst others so come and have a chat.

Senacre Cycles helmet range

High Visibility…..

Now you don’t have to look like “Bob the Builder” while cycling but at least make one piece of clothing a bright colour. An all black cycling outfit may look cool and make you feel like the Milk Tray Man but it can make you harder to spot. A bright helmet, overshoes, socks or top, just something to make you stand out more!!!! You don’t have to be Geraint Thomas to wear a yellow jersey!!

Whats your thoughts, feel free to give us your comments below.

Stay safe out there!!!

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