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New bike for the kids for Xmas?

With only 9 more Fridays till Christmas (Adam will be counting the hours by now) we’ve already had an early Christmas present in the form of the new Giant kids bikes. Check out these colours (a green one will follow too).

Why buy from us and not a catalogue?!?!

We are fully aware of the low prices of kids bikes in catalogues, however, we know our audience here and we know you are serious about your bikes – so why should this be different for your kids! Cheap bikes generally use adult components where as premium kids bikes have dedicated components which are designed specifically to make them lighter and easier to use. Making the bike easier to use and more fun will encourage your child to ride more (instead of the bike gathering dust in the shed).

Safety First!!

We’ve also seen some badly built bikes that can cause serious problems, check out the “back to front” forks on this large retailers shop floor!!!

Every little DOESN’T help!!!

Our kids range (and modelling debut from Marco!!)

Our kids bikes range from £100 upwards, balance bike shown and modelled by Paul’s son (and yes, we don’t know where he got his good looks from either!)

Christmas Club

With a 10% deposit to hold the bike, free storage till Christmas and no fee for building the bike why not pop in and see us!!

And finally, a new segment: TOM’S WEEKLY OUTBURST!

Senacre Cycles Maidstone“Teach your kids to love cycling and they will never have enough money for drugs”

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