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Senacre Cycles Bike Ride Guide - and a few other tips

Everyone needs a reminder.

Use our guide to help you remember and then pop in and see us in Senacre Square, Maidstone. We are open 7 days a week.

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Senacre Cycles Hints and Tips

Riding for fun or racing still demands that the cyclist pay full attention to their machine before they place rubber on the road or mud. Our selection of GIANT bikes are fully up the task of whatever you throw at them. We have recently introduced our E-bike for those who want to a little assistance on their ride. But if you want to ride 100 miles on the road in the traditional sense then try the GIANT Defy Advanced 2 (2018). This bike is another excellent bike from GIANT. We love the Defy’s stable handling through its frame and how the bike absorbs the shocks and vibrations over Kent’s roads. When purchasing your new GIANT you can be overwhelmed with the choice? What is the difference between a bike that costs £500 and one that is £3500 and why would I spend the extra money? We can help with you these choices but won’t try to sell you a bike that is not for you. GIANT sell a massive range of bikes and as Maidstone’s only independent stockist of GIANT (not to mention the only independent bike seller in Maidstone – did we mention that?) we can find the right bike for your needs.

The LIV range

GIANT also sell the LIV range for women and one of our favourites is the Liv Avail SL1 (2018) Bike. It can handle those long days on the road when taken in groups or on a solo adventure. This bike will lead you down new roads and up to new heights.

Liv Langma Advanced Pro Disc

But you may, of course be more interested in a LIV Road bike. Why not take a look at our Liv Langma Advanced Pro Disc with its Shimano Ultegra 11-speed groupset that helps drive this exhilarating and good looking bike. You will not be disappointed with your new purchase at all.

I’m starting out and am not sure what to do

Our world is now full of choice, even when you are just buying a light fitting. Imagine what the possibilities are when you are buying a bike? Aluminium frame or Carbon Frame? How many gears should I have? What about a saddle? I don’t want to have saddle sore for days afterwards.

Come in and see us

When you have been serving a community for 40 years and have a passion for cycling, you get to know what is suitable for each customer that walks through our door. We listen to you first and then give you a choice of models. We remember what it is like to be in your shoes, unsure which is the best machine to get. By the time you leave us, you will know the what is the right bike for you, and then, hopefully, you’ll tell all your friends what great service you received at Senacre Cycles.


We want to hear from you. We love to hear that the bike you have purchased was exactly what you were looking for and is now giving you a great deal of pleasure whilst helping you with your cardio vascular fitness and muscle tone. But don’t forget that you should help your body by toning those core stomach muscles. All our strength comes from our core and it is this part of your body that feeds all the muscle groups in the legs.

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