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Have a “relationship” (or some may say “AFFAIR”) with your independent bike shop!!

With the recent news of Sports Direct’s rescue deal for Evans Bikes we’d like to take an opportunity to talk about us, the small independent retailer!! What value we offer, why people come back to us and what we have that is different from the “big boys”!! We, as a small independent bike shop have a daily battle against the power of the big shops and the low prices of the faceless internet retailers. We do understand the value of both in terms of choice for the consumer, however we feel neither of these can compete with the personal service that a small business can give to customers.

“Stack em high, sell em cheap”

The “stack em high, sell em cheap” philosophy may work for the big boys (maybe not so much Evans) but for us its all about the service, the aftercare and the knowledge!! We loose track of the times we have someone come in that has been into a big shop and spoken with someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about and sometimes frankly doesn’t seem to care!! If they are like this when they are selling you something what will the aftercare be like?

Custom Builds

We also get lots of people looking for a custom build, this isn’t just a “throw your leg over and ride” concept but what can be 3 or 4 different visits to get it right. We also know that cyclists mature and what works for you at the beginning will need to be adapted as you grow into cycling! It’s not always the case that the “best” of something is the “best” for you. We therefore can use our experience to guide you to the right decision. We love the fact that our customers seem to keep coming back to us! Not only is that good for business but on a personal level its so much more fulfilling for us to be able to build relationships and interact with our customers. We also get satisfaction of a job well done when we help solve a problem, fix a bike or help somebody back in to cycling!

Tell us what you think?

We hope that you guys feel the same about us but like any long term relationship it’s all about communication. Now we don’t want to be told off when we get home late from the pub but thoughts, ideas and comments are always welcome!! What else would you like to know more about, our blog is here to help so give us some topics and we’ll be happy to give you our thoughts!!


No outburst as Tom is “in luv” with his Independent Bike Shop!!!! Ride Safely!!

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