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French hospitality…………?

After our blog last week “gushing” about riding in Europe, we would like to retract our comments with regards to France!!! What lengths will the French Police sink in order to stop an Englishman winning the Tour? Maybe if you don’t wear a Team Sky kit while riding there then you may avoid being rugby tackled by the local Gendarme! Have Anglo-French relations fallen this far? Yes, if you listen to Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford (shame he had to apologies, we here don’t think he should have!!)


Don’t cry for me……

We all know cycling can be a brutal sport on the body but I would say the use of “tear gas” on a recent tour stage is one obstacle too far!! We know the guys on the Tour are as hard as nails (especially if we compare them to current day footballers). Look at Philippe Gilbert’s dramatic crash this week, breaks his knee cap and still manages to ride another 60k to finish the stage. (was always thought as a legend in our shop anyway)

Compare this to Wayne Rooney’s recent tweet about “twelve o’clock kick offs are a nightmare as we have to eat pasta at 9 in the morning”!!! I think some of the comments on what he could do with his pasta when he is paid so much to play were quite amusing (along the lines of inserting the pasta piece by piece into part of his body where he wouldn’t need tear gas to make his eyes water!!!)

Long-term injury

On a serious note, long-term injuries can be a real issue when riding a lot, however, long-term injuries can be accommodated for when having a proper bike fit. We have seen this quite a bit recently in store and we look at solving these types of problems as a challenge. Getting your ride the most comfortable it can be is our goal so click on the link to read more about our bike fitting service.

Foot note……….

If you don’t know already Giant currently have 20% off certain bikes so go online and order to collect here at Senacre Cycles!

Happy riding

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