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Dress for the weather!!

This week we want to follow on from our last blog and talk about clothing. With a change of season comes a change of clothes. Before we start we’d like to mention that our clothing sale items are going fast but we do still have some remaining! All sale item are now at 40% off with Cube clothing and accessories at 50% off!!

No such thing as bad weather…….

……just bad clothing (as the saying goes!) We believe with cycling its all about the layers and increasing them as the weather gets colder. Below is our rough guide on how to do this.

15 degrees and above – Summer gear

10 to 15 degrees –  Add arm and knee warmers

5 to 10 degrees – Arm and leg warmers with Roubaix style jersey with long sleeves

0 to 5 degrees – Full winter kit without the softshell if it’s dry weather

-5 to 0 degrees – Full winter kit including softshell, gloves and overshoes (pretty much Paul’s kit for most of the year!!)

It’s very personal…..

We joke about Paul feeling the cold but it is a very personal thing so you will have to experiment with what works for you. The good thing about doing this in layers is that it’s very easy to adapt mid ride if necessary. Also, the type of clothing material is very important, things like Merino wool and modern technical fabric like Giant’s ThermTextura™ will really make a difference, giving you lots of warmth without the bulk. It doesn’t have to be a thick woolly jumper to be warm these days, technology in fabric design has come a long long way!

Also, the use of Embrocation Oil (warm up balm) can be used. This works as a chemical irritant, while cold weather causes your blood to retreat to your core and warm essential organs, embro oil redirects blood back into your lower extremities by stimulating blood vessels in your legs. Now, your legs may look as shinny as Donald Trumps wax work but some people swear by it!!

(Is this Tom on the right and Paul on the left?)

Finally, our one time only deal!!

We have one (yes one only) Giant Propel Pro 1 with 25% off the retail price. With a free fit worth £125 and SPD SL Pedals all totalling £3,075. Now only £2,175 first come first served!!

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