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2019 bikes – we have lift off!

As you may be aware the shop was shut yesterday for us to visit the Giant / Liv 2019 launch. The guys had a great time looking at all the new toys that will soon be arriving in store.

One of the big things to take from this years Giant range are the new colours!! Giant have listened to the feedback from the men about how nice the Liv bikes look. We have definitely had loads of guys say to us “why don’t the Giant bikes come in the nice colours they have seen on the women’s Liv bikes”.

We even mentioned it in our first blog months ago and Giant have taken action, the female designer that has been working on the Liv bikes is now in charge of the Giant range to, and this is very evident.

Let there be light!

The new colours included in the range are now brighter and light dependent, they have a new paint process and the results are amazing, including the light changing effects you get on high end cars.

We shared this photo on Facebook earlier, from one angle the bike looked black and then you moved around it to see a rainbow effect deep inside!! Amazing!!

So we had lots of good guesses on which bike this is and we can reveal its a………….Propel Advanced SL 1 Disc. (look at the picture in this link, it just looks black!!)

The good news is that this colour scheme is available on certain models in the Propel, TCR and Defy ranges!!!

Power to the people!

For many years people have added power meters to their road bikes at great personal expense, often upwards of £1000. For 2019 Giant have built their own power meter which will come with all Di2 advanced pro and advanced SL spec bikes.

The power meter is a dual sided left and right leg independent crank based power meter. This is great because it means that not only can it be used for training and pacing but it can also analyse your pedal stroke and help you notice any niggles early that could turn into injuries if not treated.

Giant have added this feature to their bikes with very little price increase so it makes these bikes even better value than before.


This is just a brief look at the 2019 changes, there are also brand new models, an all new designed Defy and much more!! We have been talking 2019 bikes all day so please feel free to come in and join the conversation!!!

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