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Lights – not just for the dark!

Lights – not just for the dark! As we are entering the last weekend of the summer holidays the days are getting shorter and the weather a little drab and murkier! Therefore we thought it was a good time to talk about lights, and especially the point that lights...

Fridays blog will be about “Visibility”

Fridays blog is all about “visibility” Look out for the blog which follows along our recent safety theme. Therefore, we had to share this “High Viz” bike just for the fun of it!! Please read the blog and comment as we always love to hear your...

2019 Giant / Liv Bikes – we have lift off!!

2019 bikes – we have lift off! As you may be aware the shop was shut yesterday for us to visit the Giant / Liv 2019 launch. The guys had a great time looking at all the new toys that will soon be arriving in store. One of the big things to take from this years...

Safety First – Always wear protection!!

Safety First – Always wear protection! Following on from our blog last week about disability here is a nice picture of Richard with the adapted crank system we fitted. Now Richard is perfectly demonstrating our subject point this week – Safety!! High viz...

Disability in Sport and a nice story for a rainy day

Disability in Sport!! Disability in general has always come with a bit of a stigma attached, and until the 2012 Paralympics in London so did sport!! We here at Senacre Cycles understand the difficulties on a personal level. For myself having a son born with Spina...

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